Zoe Nilsen

Meet Zoe Nilsen

My name is Zoe Nilsen and I graduated from a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Queensland, in December 2017.     

Growing up in a small country town of Toogoolawah and being able to identify with the people I was reading about in the local newspaper, contributed to me growing a heart and passion for journalism at a very young age. To be able to tell people’s stories, give them a voice and produce a stories that people can relate to is something that I strive to do in my journalism career.

I’ll never forget that proud feeling I felt when I first picked up the local newspaper and saw my picture in it. I was so happy and honoured that I shared it with all my friends and family and made sure my mother put it on the fridge. To be able to give someone else that exact proud feeling of making the news and seeing their photo in the paper or on television or hear their name on the radio is an achievement I’m striving for in the future.

With a keen eye for breaking news, I keen to start my journalism career and development my skills further while learning from industry professionals. Although I welcome the opportunity to work anywhere and am confident I would contribute well to any team, I do have a passion and love for sport. I have knowledge on all different codes and constantly attend live sporting events throughout the year.

Please browse my portfolio for examples of published work and university assessment showcasing and my resume showcasing the many skills that I have gained throughout work experience and my university degree. Please use the contact page to keep it touch or click the various links to find me on social media, I would love to hear from you!